Artificial Water Courses

Bedford Pumps have recently extended their market to provide white-water for kayaking at man-made water courses for sports and leisure.  Kayaking is currently the UK’s fastest growing water sport. 

Bedford Pumps have provided pumps at Pinkston, a new competition standard, Water Sports Centre in Glasgow, purpose built and attracting 25,000 visitors per year.  Bedford Pumps supplied three submersible axial pumpsets in a cascade canister arrangement in the submersible pumping station within the water sports channel.  The pumps generate total flows of up to 7,000 l/s to create an exhilarating and challenging course.  The slalom includes a circular loop with the pumps lifting the water 1.5m to create a static head.  Within the loop there is canoe slalom training and competition, whitewater kayaking and coaching and Swift Water Rescue Training for the emergency services.

Man made water courses for sport or leisure.

Bedford Pumps are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps.


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