Dock Dewatering

Bedford Pumps offer pumping solutions for dock dewatering and impounding, floating docks and dry docks.  A dock is the area of water between two piers, or alongside a pier, that receives a ship for loading, unloading or repairs. 

Pumps are crucial to the everyday operation of docks.  Impounding pumps are required to run during every high tide to replenish water lost during each lock sequence.  Without the pumps, there is no dock movement and therefore no business. 

Bedford Pumps have supplied two of their submersible variant pumpsets to the Bristol Port Authority for use at Bristol Docks.  These particular pumps can discharge 2,400 l/s at 9m head and are fitted with a 290kW, 3.3kv motor.  The Bedford Pump solution went beyond providing merely a standby capacity and, by careful hydraulic selection, also improved operating efficiency and provided the ability to extend the operating window.

Bedford Pumps are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps.


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