Storm Water

Bedford Pumps manufacture Storm Pumps which can provide protection up to a 1 in 50 year flood event. They are often installed with Dry Weather Flow Pumps and are used mainly in high flow conditions.

In a Land Drainage application Storm pumps were traditionally powered by diesel engines, however in recent times electric pumps have become the preferred choice.  Drivers affecting this decision include the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, greater flexibility over the control of the river (also resulting in further efficiency gains) and with electric pumps the station can be fully automated. 

Storm pumps are also frequently installed in wastewater pumping stations.  Heavy rainfall can have a significant impact on the sewerage network often resulting in intermittent discharges of diluted sewage during and after storm conditions.  Bedford Pumps’ Stormwater pumps, which can deliver flows up to 12,000 l/s, ensure that during times of heavy rainfall a greater amount of stormwater can be safely taken away from homes in the surrounding area.  

Bedford Pumps are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps.


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